fire pit with glass marbles

Can you use Glass Marbles in a Fire Pit

Having a fire pit in your backyard adds warmth and character to any space and creates the perfect atmosphere to enjoy time with family and friends all year. While glass

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can you have a fire pit in your backyard

Can You Have a Fire Pit in Your Backyard

So, you’re thinking of putting a fire pit in your backyard? Before you do, there are some things to consider! With all the rules and regulations that some cities, neighborhoods,

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how far away should a fire pit be from house

How Far Away Should a Fire Pit Be From Your House

Fire pits are great for giving your home an outdoor lounge area where you can relax, spend time with friends, and maybe even do some light cooking. But safety is

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what should you put under a fire pit thats on grass

What Should You Put Under a Fire Pit That’s on The Grass

When my husband and I bought our first home, we noticed there were not many places to put a fire pit in our small yard. After a lot of consideration,

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can you use lava rocks in a wood burning fire place

Can I Use Lava Rocks in a Wood Burning Fire Pit

When my sister and brother-in-law bought their house, one of the things the whole family was very excited for was the potential in their backyard. Everyone had suggestions. One of

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can you put a fire pit on a wooden deck

Can You Put a Fire Pit on a Wooden Deck

Wooden decks are a very common feature in outdoor yards and gardens. They are a place to gather with friends and family for a few drinks, a BBQ, but what

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