Does Shiplap Need Drywall

Does Shiplap Need Drywall?

If you’re planning to remodel your house or building from scratch, you might be considering Shiplap panels as an ideal choice for your wall design. However, you might be confused

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Is Shiplap Tongue and Groove

Is Shiplap Tongue and Groove?

If you’re considering a house exterior remodeling project, you’ll probably be bombarded with tons of new terms and styles for the wooden panels on the market. And the best way

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kitchen garbage disposal

What’s the Worst Thing to Put Down a Garbage Disposal?

While garbage disposal systems are made so that you scrape food off your plate directly into the sink, you shouldn’t do that mindlessly. Not all food types can be put

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Anchor my Shed

Do I Need to Anchor my Shed?

Whether you build your shed, or order a pre-built one, you may be wondering if you’ll need to anchor your shed. After all, you don’t want all that money that

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Cut Weeds

Should I Cut Weeds Before Spraying?

Having a lush and healthy yard is the perfect way to add curb appeal to your home. Throughout the year, a lush green lawn takes a good amount of work,

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home with privacy fence

Does a Wooden Fence Increase Home Value

Your backyard is the perfect place to gather for birthday parties and family get-togethers, and a fence often adds an element of safety, curb appeal, and privacy.  For many, it

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