About Me

A little about me…

Hi, I’m Mike!

I’m the owner, writer, editor and everything in between when it comes to backyardo.com!

I live is sunny Melbourne, Florida, which is located on Florida’s Space Coast and just a stones throw away from the Disney World / Orlando area.

I have a Beautiful wife and 2 precious little girls! 

When I’m not out on my boat, there’s nothing that I would rather be doing than spending time in the yard!

How Founded Project Was Born

While there are a lot of things that I have learned how to do over the years (build a pergola from scratch), there are a ton of things that I don’t know how to do. Thank God for YouTube, right?

Because I spend so much time working on the things around the house, I’m constantly running into new problems that require an answer that I usually don’t know.

However, I quickly discovered that there wasn’t a lot of good information on the internet that answered the questions that I was asking.

For instance…

  1. How long do wood fences last?
  2. Do you need to shock a saltwater pool?
  3. Do gas grills need lava rocks?
  4. What to feed squirrels in your yard?
  5. Should I rake up pine needles in my yard?

tending to garden

I figured that if I have these questions, there must be a least a few more people from around the world with the same questions. 

This is how Founded Project was born!

My Qualifications

I have NONE!

I’m simply a man that loves spending time in the yard and finding answers to some common or uncommon problems that I run into from time to time.

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