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do farmhouse sinks have garbage disposals

Can Farmhouse Sinks Have Garbage Disposals

When my wife and I were getting ready to renovate our kitchen one of the first things that we both agreed on was that we wanted a farmhouse sink. However,

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How Big of a Water Heater Do I Need?

How Big of a Water Heater Do I Need (Best Sizes Revealed)

Have you ever been the last one in the shower only to find that there’s no hot water left? Painful, right? If you don’t want to get stuck taking cold

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Drywall R value

Does Drywall Have an R-Value?

Are you paying too much on your heating bills? Or have you just started constructing your walls and want to avoid this problem. Insulation is the key here. Insulation is

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Are Garbage Disposals Bad for Plumbing

Are Garbage Disposals Bad for Plumbing?

In an effort to cut down wastes in landfills and reduce the effort we exert in kitchens, garbage disposal systems were introduced in the forties. The idea is to scrape

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Shiplap Cheaper Than Drywall

Is Shiplap Cheaper Than Drywall?

While remodeling or building your house, you’ll come across a variety of building materials that can be used to build your house walls over the frames. Among the most popular

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Are Doorbell Cameras Always Recording

Are Doorbell Cameras Always Recording?

If you have a doorbell camera or you’re interested in buying one, one question you might have is “are doorbell cameras always recording?” The answer is, probably not. Most doorbell

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Can Wireless Doorbells Be Hacked

Can Wireless Doorbells Be Hacked?

Wireless doorbells allow you to see who’s at your door right from your phone’s screen. While these gadgets can increase the security and comfort of your home, a lot of

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Wireless Doorbells Go Off By Themselves

Can Wireless Doorbells Go Off By Themselves?

Doorbells don’t require regular maintenance, and upgrading from a wired model to a new wireless doorbell will grant you lots of benefits. Wireless doorbells represent the latest technology in household

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Wireless Doorbells Frequency

Do All Wireless Doorbells Work on Same Frequency?

Are you deciding on whether you should upgrade your doorbell to a wireless one? Wireless doorbells come with several benefits as they keep your house more secure by sending alerts

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stolen ring doorbells

Do People Steal Ring Doorbells?

A Ring doorbell is an excellent device that you can use at home. It allows you to see who is at the door as it detects motion, so you can

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Will I Need a Building Permit

Do You Need a Building Permit to Drywall a Basement?

As a homeowner, you can’t help but think of new ways to improve your home every once in a while. That’s especially the case if you’re a new homeowner. When

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Does Drywall Have Fiberglass in It

Does Drywall Have Fiberglass in It?

The term drywall refers to large sheets of finishing material used for drywall construction. These sheets usually face the interior walls of dwellings and other buildings. Drywall construction doesn’t need

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